WhatsApp with You?

August 17, 2016

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The little app that made a big splash! WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging app that uses the user’s Internet data plan with no cost to message.

As you may or may not know, Facebook bought the fairly new social media messaging sensation in February of 2014 for an incredible amount of$19 billion dollars(that’s a chunk of change!).  Despite what some critics have pointed out about the purchase (concerned mainly that WhatsApp has a widening losses gap of $232.5 million), these assessments seem to be nothing but noise to Facebook.

The company has a strong position in the messaging world due to its Messenger App, which contains similar features to WhatsApp but does not offer cross-platform convienence. Facebook will only continue to grow with WhatsApp due to its current position as leader of messaging apps for mobile devices. Looks like the jokes on you critics!

So why DID Facebook buy WhatsApp?

What’s in it for them? Social media pioneer Mark Zuckerberg explains that buying WhatsApp will benefit Facebook long term and reap the benefits of an enormous buyout. Zuckerberg adds that Facebook wants to grow WhatsApp’s revenue at a slower pace until the service reaches billions of users. What an answer to quickly silence those who doubt Facebook’s longevity! 

For those who don’t use the app already, WhatsApp allows people to connect via their cellphone numbers and communicate in a format similar to texting or Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp sends actual messages over mobile broadband without texting fees, though, which makes chatting with those overseas cost effective. Definitely another stride in technology to make your communication channels easier! 

For brands, the communication tool offers another means of one-on-one consultation with customers. Many smaller organizations use WhatsApp to enhance their consumer’s experience by answering questions and following up after purchase, but major luxury brands have capitalized on the messaging app’s personalized communication, as well.

Although their strategy isn’t present in America’s market, yet, Cartier, Diesel, and Armani have integrated the tool into their strategies in India to enhance the exclusive experience their products offer. 

Although a fairly niche social tool right now, you know brands will soon find a way to monetize on the usability of WhatsApp.

If you want our opinion, jump on the bandwagon and download the app today because let’s face it: technology continues to improve and the Zuck has not let us down yet!