Is Your Reputation at Stake on Social Media?

August 17, 2016

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.17.53 AM.png

Thinking back to those Myspace days, social media has been around for over a decade, yikes! But are you thinking about the way you portray yourself, your brand or your company when posting to social media? You are leaving digital footprints EVERYWHEREyou go! Thankfully the team at Ideas That Evoke is here to hold your hand as we all get through this digital age together. 

Here are a few tips to consider from our team:


When was the last time you reviewed your settings? The correct answer should be monthly! It seems tedious, but it’ll be worth your time when a potential customer creeps on your profile. 


Raise your hand if you’ve done this. Now look around. If you’re not raising your hand we have a problem. See what is out there… about you!


Keep in mind, your name and profile picture will always be viewable to all. Is your profile pic worthy of a gold star?


We’ve all been there. Those early days of Facebook may not have been your golden days.  When was the last time you browsed through your tagged photos and removed the unworthy ones? 


Let’s all take a minute to remind ourselves that no matter how heated we are in the moment, hitting “post” keeps your thoughts eternal in cyber space. So why not take that extra minute to think about it. Is this something you want the world to see? 


Who cares about the number of “friends” you have if they’re sharing your posts in a negative way? Keep in mind that when accepting friend requests, you’re trusting them with your most prized possession – your deets. 


We know you’re popular, but are you carefully monitoring how you’re being talked about? You have the ability to remove tags and approve posts to your timeline.


Case in point – continually update your passwords. Nobody wants the tiger out of the cage.

We recommend you take a moment and really dive into your social media, see what others can see and find what others can find. Then, when you freak out a little, come find us at @ideasthatevoke. We’ll be waiting!