How To Be Insta-Fabulous on Instagram

August 17, 2016

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We’ve given you tips on sizing photos, kept you in the loop of all the fabulous new filters, and laid out some strategies on how to Stack Your Insta-Hand like a pro…but what’s so great about this Insta-thing? With attention spans shortening and consumers focusing more on the engaging imagery, Instagram allows you to be a part of a consumer’s world by creating eye-catching high-res imagery and short videos that can tell your brand’s story - quickly.

Although Instagram is sometimes seen as a newcomer in comparison to Facebook or Twitter, the platform’s image-based storytelling has been curating more engagement (or ‘likes’ and comments) than their social media counterparts. While Facebook and Twitter are both important tools within your social media campaigns, Instagram adds an essential element of your visual identity to your followers.

Instagram isn’t about snapping selfies or #catsofinstagram anymore – it’s much more than that.  So, we’ve pulled together some top-notch tips to ensure your photos always receive that double tap:

Image Content

It’s all about connecting. Users relate to photos that mirror their lifestyle – or what they want their lifestyle to be – so snap images that evoke an emotion or show a product in action.

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Photo Quality

The higher res your photos are, the better!  The filter affect and depth of the photos matter. So choose wisely.

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Story Telling

Although you are able to caption photos, you want the actual image to speak for itself. Any captions you add should be relevant and entertaining.

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Using, and encouraging followers to use, a dedicated brand hashtag creates a clickable, searchable link so you can browse through any and all images related to your content.

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User Generated Content

You can also use hashtags to find user generated content that you can “repost” to your account.  Posting this type of content allows your followers to tell your brand story through their eyes. 

Remember, Instagram is about sharing your brand culture and captivating your audience, so have fun with it!

Now, go get snapping!