Tweet Your Way to Google's Result Page

August 17, 2016

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Over the past few months, Twitter has been busy trying to make our favorite blue birdy a more versatile social network. And most recently, Twitter has been working on some exciting things to increase brand visibility by partnering with a pretty big search engine. Ever heard of Google?

Last week Twitter announced their deal with Google, aka the largest media company in the world, to make Twitter users’ 140 character declarations more “searchable.” The partnership means Google will now index all of Twitter’s tweets and hashtags as answers in a Google query. Before this, Google never took the time to sort through the billions of tweets housed on the microblog, making it hard for tweets to make the cut. Now, they’ll take a closer look at whether or not tweets are relevant to a search and display those that are on the results page. 

According to Bloomberg Business, we should expect the change to roll out in the next few months. Then, when Google is finished developing their mysterious algorithm magic and refining their web crawlers, tweets will be available to search as soon as they are sent into cyber space. Twitter is hoping their presence on the most trafficked site in the world will boost their user-base and influence logged out users to once more give the Twitter-world an update on what they ate for dinner. 

We have to say we’re happy for the new couple, but what exactly does all this mean for other organizations and brands? 

To earn a minute in the Google spotlight, your Twitter content needs to be backed by stronger strategies and deeper market understanding. We’ll start you off with the basics: 

Search Engine Optimization

Although you should already be paying attention to keywords and trending Twitter content, a solid keyword strategy is more important than ever. Analyze keywords in both search engines and re-strategize your tweets to incorporate each list.   


Another no brainer in the world of social media, but tweeting about real-time events being searched for right now may just get your 140 characters on top of that search results page. Searchers are looking for the latest updates, and your tweet might just help with that. 

Social Reputation

Although content will help raise you to the top, don’t forget the basics. Google’s algorithms look for high-authority accounts to please their users. Keeping a constant presence, engaging with others and staying relevant never goes out of style. 

Cheers to the ever-changing world of social and SEO! And you know what they say about change: “Change is opportunity… to screenshot your Twitter handle in one of the first Google results and email it to all your coworkers.”