Fine-tune Your Audience

August 16, 2016

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Think through this logic with me. If you like something, there’s a pretty good chance, by the laws of friendship and association that you’re friends would also like, and or be interested in the same things.

This year, Facebook decided to take this logic to the social space by adding a new feature that targets users similar to currently existing customers: Lookalike Audiences. It allows you to find people on Facebook that have similar niches, interests, etc. as your page fans, customer database list or website visitors. Think about it this way, you’ll be able to use the information that you have about your present audience to reach even more people that would be attracted to your services or products via Facebook ads!

What does this mean for advertisers? 

1. You can improve the success of your ads due to the similarity targeting.

2. You’ll be able to drive more traffic to your site by targeting those who are alike the people already visiting your website.

3. The chance that you’ll increase your mobile app users is high.

How will this help further the success of my business?

1. It’s easier for you to pinpoint the right individuals to interact and advertise to on Facebook, which in turn will increase brand awareness with the best potential customers!

How can I make the most out of Lookalike Audiences?

1. Advertise Based on Similarity: In order to optimize your audience in this manner, you’ll want to advertise to a small but influential group – that 1% of people on Facebook that are the most similar to your current audience.

2. Advertise Based on Reach: That instrumental small group is great to advertise to but you’ll also want to your ads to reach a wider range of people with similarities – this includes the top 10% of people on Facebook that are most similar to your source audience.  

Don’t wait any longer to utilize this wonderful feature!