"Wouldn't it be cool if this went viral?!"

August 16, 2016

Photo Credit: @viewbug

Photo Credit: @viewbug

It’s the middle of February and suddenly you feel that itch start to tickle your throat and the insistent ache dwelling at your temple. Inevitably, you’ve caught the flu. This virus has traveled from one singular host to another and another to expose an entire population. We all dread those blasted bugs – but should we?

Not if you’re a business owner! When it comes to spreading social content, take a lesson from the inevitable. Virality is a buzzword we hear thrown around social like a ball at a park, yet the concept is pounded into us from childhood. So how do we transfer the lesson from icky winter bugs into budding social campaigns?

Ideas are viruses. Memes, photos, videos, etc. that we share on our pages are ideas that can catch on as quickly as the flu. Tony Sampson, who wrote Virality: Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks, explains how our world of network societies has created the perfect environment for fast travel. Our memes, posted by us, shared by our friends, shared by THEIR friends, and on and on, suddenly are no longer stuck in our circles like they would have been before Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They’re being spread across the world in a matter of minutes. Now let me tell you, there’s nothing small about that pox (badumchhhhhhh!).

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But once again, we’re down to why millions of people are caught on tape hoping their video will go viral, and why you, as a business owner should take advantage of your opportunities. Our posts broadcast our identities. We post to inform our friends, our networks – what is our newest product or promotion, or what is an awesome new trend that we love. We post so that our networks will feel excited-sad-mad-happy-motivated just like we do! We post to spread our idea virus.

Virality is a tool to use to our advantage. Inform your networks of who you are, and do so in an honest and heartfelt way that makes them connect with your identity…and share it! Need ideas on how to best spread your idea disease? Check out our previous post >> Ten Tips to Maximize Facebook Content. Be natural, emotional and relevant, and there won’t be a vaccine strong enough to control your idea flu frenzy!