A Social Media Secret: Quality over Quantity

August 16, 2016

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What if I told you that you don’t need tens of thousands of fans to perform well on social media? Many of us view social media as a popularity contest, and frankly, I don’t blame you. It’s easy to get caught up in the online world of friends and followers.

 Now, what if I said, ‘quality is better than quantity?’ Obvious, right? So, before you shudder at your “cool factor” from your high school daily friend tally, remember that this same life lesson transfers directly to our online friendships or followers.

Having thousands of followers for your business is a good thing, if you are properly engaging with them on a consistent basis. However, this isn’t always the first or best thing to gauge your company’s social media marketing success. Recently, Social Recruitment Monitor released a rating of most active companies using Instagram for recruitment. Mario Tricoci Careers, one of our Chicago-based salon and spa career service clients, was listed in first place on the SRM scale, which measures popularity, activity, and interaction! Instagram is become exceedingly popular for consumer brands to reach out to audiences for commercial purposes. But what are companies forgetting? Instagram can be used to display your company brand – a way to show office camaraderie, business updates and much much more!

So, what’s the real secret? Sharing authentic and personal photos, and engaging with your audience on an emotional level. Mario Tricoci Careers receives high levels of interaction because their Instagram account gives followers an inside look at company culture, a behind-the-scenes, look, and also an opportunity for followers to get featured! This hidden gem of Instagram is the next big thing for companies to socially interact with current and prospective employees.

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But, what is the huge takeaway? Spend time engaging and interacting with current fans, instead of constantly seeking out new ones.

For the whole scoop and more information –> http://bit.ly/1qLJm2P