Make Your Business Instagram Official


Instagram announced that you can now create a ‘Business Account’ for your business on Instagram. The new page tagline —Inspire People Visually With Your Business’s Story. Now that’s an idea we can get behind!

What’s different about a Business Instagram?

A Business profile on Instagram will allow followers to see important company information right on your profile such as your business address or contact info. You can choose your preferred method of contact with customers by custom choosing a call, text or email option when users hit your contact button.

Getting a business profile is free and incredibly easy!  Instagram made a two-minute video to walk you through the process, but we’ll give you a summary.

How to Make an Instagram Business Account

First, if you don’t already have one, create a normal Instagram account with a name associated with your business. The more recognizable the better. Go to your profile and hit the settings icon. In your settings, click switch to business profile. You can even connect your business profile to an existing business page on Facebook to share easily from Instagram to Facebook. You can then import your business information straight from your Facebook page. Hit Done and that’s it! Your Business Page is set up and should look like this.

Why You Should Do it

If you have a business page on Facebook, you’re already aware of the analytics Facebook provides you on your audience and your posts. Instagram is going to offer the same insights. Insights on Instagram will give businesses information about who their followers are and which posts are performing the best. Learning about your audience and who you’re reaching is pivotal for optimal social engagement.

Not only will Instagram provide you with important insights, they are also offering businesses the opportunity to promote their posts within the mobile app. If you had a post that performed exceptionally well, you can turn it into an ad on Instagram right from your phone. You can select a target audience or allow Instagram to suggest a target audience for you, ensuring your content is reaching those who will find it relevant. Your post will then be promoted as an ad for as long as you choose!

If you were already advertising on Instagram, this makes things a whole lot easier and ensures that any post you choose to feature as an ad is engaging because it was already received well from your followers!

Here at Evoke, we have implemented a Business profile for our Instagram page and can’t wait to see the results!

Start snapping those Instas!

Monica Hickey