Home (and Online) For The Holidays

Ideas That Evoke Christmas Tips

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of ways to incorporate the hustle and bustle of holiday style into your salon’s social media. (Yes, it is December ALREADY!) As we all know, holidays are about connecting with people, sharing traditions, and building memories so, social media naturally becomes an integral part of your salon’s holiday outreach. Use this opportunity to become the hub of your client’s beauty regime, enhancing your offerings and bolstering your social presence.

In honor of the season I am beginning a special Holiday-focused blog series in which I will give you three simple promotional ideas to implement this month on your salon’s social networks. The most exciting part of these ideas is that they only require a small amount of customization to make them your own!

Wondering how to get started and create warm and fuzzy feelings via social media? Each of my next blog posts will detail a different promotion, but first, let’s review a few basics of social media management:

Time It Right: Start early! Use your social platforms early and often to start building buzz leading up to the holidays. No doubt your clients are thinking about their party outfits, make-up and hair – your salon should be front and center providing trend updates and promotions your clients value!

Engage With Fans: Keep in mind, social media is most effective when it’s a conversation between you and your audience, rather than just a broadcast channel. Ask your audience to participate in your social media activities. If your Facebook ‘likes’ are relatively low, don’t panic- social media favors engaged fans, where quality outweighs quantity.

Make It Special: Once your audience is engaged, it’s time to spread the holiday cheer. If a follower tweets something nice, or posts a great review surprise them with a free gift! Random acts of social media kindness create strong affinity for your salon.

Let Your Personality Shine: Social media is a great medium for showcasing your quirky and creative salon culture. Consider creating custom graphics for your platforms that reflect your ideas and goals for the season, and don’t be afraid to push the envelope! Your content doesn’t always have to be “in the box”!

Stay tuned for the first campaign idea next week! I promise you won’t be disappointed, and neither will your clients! Remember, it’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ to create buzz through social media.

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Monica Hickey