F8 2019 - How are you using AR for your brand?

Monica Hickey - May 1st 2019

While beautifully organized and stunningly built, F8 2019 introduced few new business innovations and instead built on many of the programs announced at the 2018 conference.

Surprising no one, much of Mark Zuckerberg’s Keynote on day one focused on privacy. There are many livestreams out there where you can catch his remarks but as consumers I really do hope that the rousing cries for individual privacy and resources they committed will help us make the internet a safer place.


The majority of big innovation announced on Days 1 & 2 focus on AR. Facebook is using its catalogue of brands to encircle users in AI and AR/VR whether it’s from Portal, which will be available worldwide soon or the new Oculus Quest announced at the convention.

This technology will be seen by everyday users on Instagram and Facebook through face mapping for Instagram Story filters and on Facebook through engaging e-commerce capabilities.


The biggest take-away for brands is to continue to activate and participate in Facebook sponsored test programs.

  • Branded Instagram Face Filters

  • Shop in Instagram

  • Facebook 3D ecommerce

  • Journey Tracking

Monica Hickey