Social Media Survival Kit: Facebook Newsfeed Edition

August 16, 2016

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Anytime you go camping (or ‘glamping’ in my case), you need to pack a survival kit for enduring whatever conditions you may encounter, right? Bears, raccoons or worse, humidity. *Gasp*

Just like glamping, when you’re braving the social jungle of Facebook it’s important to have your emergency handbook nearby. Sans wild animals and cringe-worthy hair situations, you’ll need a have a few tricks up your sleeve to make the most of your brand’s presence with Facebook’s new updates.

If you’re worried your posts will be buried, or worse, removed from fan’s newsfeeds… have no fear, I present you with a Social Media Survival Kit: Facebook Newsfeed Edition.

 1.    Scale Back on Click-Baiting

We’ve all been click-baited at some point. (Interested in learning more? Read our blog about it) You know, the links you click on that are prompted by: “The Nine Most Shocking Romantic Comedy Plot Twists of All Time” or “The Five Most Creative Food Truck Slogans in NYC.” Facebook recently laid down the hammer on “click-baiting” content and has started black-listing these types of posts (Aka: not a good thing) To make sure your post has the appropriate traffic, use a link preview, which generates after you place the link in your post copy. 

 2.    Shift Gears on Peak Hour Postings

Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one can hear you… and post when no one is posting. Before you call me crazy, just hear me out. Everyone posts during peak hours, right? Brands want their users to see their content while they are online. But see the problem? Everyonewants to post at the same time, meaning there is a higher chance your content will get lost at sea. Continue to post regularly during your peak hours, but make sure to schedule a couple posts during less popular times.

3.    Catch Users Early

Let’s face it – you can spend hours perfecting your brand’s page, but the truth is, some fans won’t even see it. To make your content appear worthy of their precious click, optimize your pictures for newsfeed clarity. (Tip: This blog post has the deets for photo sizing) To really boost your page visitors, this is becoming more of a necessity than a recommendation. And remember, keep mobile sizing in mind. According to Business Insider, 60% of social media usage is on mobile devices.

4.    Spread the Lovin’

At the spa, it’s all about you. (As it should be, especially at a fabulous glamping site.) But when it comes to social media, it should be about sharing content and working with other brands. When you see a great new haircoloring technique in action by a neighbor page (Babylights, anyone?), share with your fans! It can spark new conversations and increase engagement. And just think, building online relationships with others can benefit your brand later down the road. 

Tuck this social media survival guide in your back pocket for your next content writing adventure. It won’t protect you from giant mosquitos or charred marshmallows, but it will help keep your brand page alive and kicking.