No, We're Not Just "Playing" on Facebook All Day

August 17, 2016

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As social media professionals, we’ve all been there… Aunt Pam asks if you just spend your day scrolling your news feed or tweeting at your fave celebs (insert eye roll here).

Those of us in the social media biz know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. On top of managing multiple pages, we’re nurturing customer relationships, writing witty content and tracking analytics on top of many other things.

Here are just a few things a social media professional is responsible for on a daily basis and why they’re important…


The better the content, the better the SEO - this is where we track how our work ranks in comparison to other brands. For example, Google uses Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as discovery tools, so the more traction you generate from retweets and shares, the faster Google finds your content.

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It’s true, anyone can write a status or caption, but is it clever enough to capture the attention of the masses? This is where the experts stand out from the general users; knowing how to craft content that evokes an emotional response wins every time.

Analytics & Revenue Tracking

Tracking ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares’ is one thing – but turning those analytics into revenue is what’s important. That’s why we always dive into the details of which posts generated revenue and created buzz.


Where content is King, good imagery is gold. Social media professionals know that it doesn’t take an expensive camera to capture a good image. However, they do understand that good lighting and a beautiful layout can make or break a picture.

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A basic knowledge of this tool is essential for someone working in social media. From photo editing to resizing images to fit each platform’s guidelines, this program allows you to take your visual content to the next level.

Project Management

From Instagram giveaways to Facebook campaigns, attention to detail is crucial for success, and it takes someone with great project management skills to make it a hit.

So the answer is no… we aren’t just Instagramming our latest meal and blogging about our fave new restaurant. We’re making connections and building brands.