Wisconsin State Journal SHOUT OUT!

August 17, 2016

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Get…THIS. Our incomparable Founder and President, Kelly Ehlers was recently named an enterprising woman on an international platform by Enterprising Women magazine, which is awesome.

But what’s even more awesome is that her award piqued the interest of a regional newspaper, the Wisconsin State Journal, which just so happens to be based in Madison. That’s the home of Ideas That Evoke, in case you didn’t know.

Kelly was chosen to be a part of their “Know your Madisonian” series, which takes a look at influential and entrepreneurial people that call Madison home.

She talked a lot about her journey that brought her to Madison, starting Ideas That Evoke in 2009 and building the company to a staff of 20 socially agile, witty account executives, writers and graphic designers.

Kelly talked to the State Journal about how Ideas That Evoke works to solve client’s business problems on a social landscape, and how the team has helped companies develop visual identities and manage social in real time.

It doesn’t take a lot to realize that Kelly’s vision for social brands has done well, and Ideas That Evoke has some heavy hitters in the salon and beauty industry as clients.

She spoke a particularly great campaign that Ideas That Evoke did with Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas, called “Selfie Cash.” We’re all prone to taking a selfie after a great mani or blowout, and Ideas That Evoke harnessed that snapping power to promote the spa and bring in foot traffic.

Kelly also talked about the fact that when she founded Ideas That Evoke, the idea of a company hiring an agency to handle their social was, well, a challenge. Little did they know, she was on to something. She recognized the trend early on and built Ideas That Evoke at the ground level of a revolution.

What’s really amazing to Kelly is how much things have changed, not just with Ideas That Evoke, considering we’ve had a 300 percent growth in the last year, but with technology as a whole. 

She recalled taking a class in high school on the “world wide web” and how just over a decade later she founded a business dedicated to companies’ digital presence. For her, that’s exciting! To read more about “Madisonian” Kelly Ehlers, click here.