Time for Brands To Snap To It

August 17, 2016

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Snapchat is a trendy social media tool used amongst millennials.  Launched in September 2011, the platform has captivated media attention in ways that range from rejecting Facebook’s $3 billion dollar offer to addressing privacy concerns regarding the app. Regardless of the controversies, or maybe even in light of them, Snapchat users are growing daily.

At Evoke, we’re all about staying on top of the latest social trends and converting them to your benefit. Remember when MySpace was popular? Yeah, we don’t either. That’s why we’re here to tell you how Snapchat might be useful for your brand and who you can target using Snapchat. 

Snapchat’s primary audienceis 13-25. That means that a brand using this platform will be tapping into 30 million active monthly users: 71% are under 25, 70% are women and it is reported that 77% of college students use the app daily.  Of the 30 million active monthly users, 55% check in daily with Snapchat. 55% equates to 16.5 million people; need I say more?

Millennials love Snapchat because it feels like a very free and “open” communication venue to consumers in that age bracket. Unlike Facebook where parents can see content, Snapchat allows for private pictures and messages to be sent between friends. Snapchat also has a “My Story” feature, which can allow an opt-in feature to view what a user has posted for 24 hours.  

So how does this work for brands?

Although pictures can only be displayed for 10 seconds, brands like Taco Bell, Grub Hub, Mashable, McDonald’s and Audi are using the app to connect with consumers. Check out what Taco Belldid for Valentine’s Day. 

The ability to connect with young millennials via Snapchat is endless. Your brand can use snaps to create hype about a product release or promotional deal. By creating engaging content linked to promotional opportunities on the platform, Snapchat offers new and promising territory for your product. Stay tuned for more updates as Snapchat continues to evolve.