#SMDay 2015 - Let’s Celebrate!

June 10, 2015

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Today there’s a holiday for almost everything. In June alone, the month is jam-packed with National Penpal Day, World Juggling Day, Sunglasses Day, Daylight Appreciation Day, Peanut Butter Cookie Day and, our personal favorite, Splurge Day (so treat yo self on June 18th).  

If things like a strange sport and a peanut butter cookie (let’s be real – chocolate chip is always better) have holidays, shouldn’t social media? It plays such an integral role in our everyday lives. From connecting with family and old friends to breaking the latest news to building relationships with favorite brands to establishing professional communities, social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and learn.

Fortunately the masterminds at Mashable have led a campaign to make their Social Media Day a world event since 2010. Hosted this year on June 30th (mark your calendars!), the day has been set aside for everyone to take a step back and truly recognize the impact social media has had on our lives.

Although Mashable has set the date, only a few cities have participated and officially recognized Social Media Day in the past. Why is that, you might ask? Well it’s up to us – the storytellers, the developers, the social media enthusiasts – to spread the good news and we’re here to tell you how in two easy steps. 

Step 1: Official Recognition 

An official recognition of Social Media Day in your city is the first step in encouraging participation. To do so, most states require submission of a proclamation. The forms for these can usually be found online. However, a processing period of five to six weeks is typical, so submission at least a month and a half in advance is suggested (code for: get started as soon as you’re done reading this).

There are some things you’ll want to include in your proclamation. Mashable has outlined them as follows: 

1. Why is it important that your specific city or state celebrate Social Media Day?
2. How will your city benefit from the proclamation?
3. How does your city use social media to strengthen its community?
4. What will your city’s Social Media Day celebration entail?

Step 2: Spread the Word

Now for the part you know well: create buzz. Start connecting with your city representatives. Start tweeting at your mayor. Create a Facebook event page. Connect with local social media enthusiasts in your community. Put your social media savvy to good use and engage! 

In addition to community outreach, make sure to use the #SMDay hashtag on all platforms and follow @MashableEvents on Twitter for updates on the day!

Now you know what to do. Social media has helped build relationships and brands. It’s a tool for communication and it’s connected people around the world. So let’s use our heart and hustle to make #SMDay happen!

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