Nick Shatarah, on Paving His Way Through Social Media

August 16, 2016 | By Kelly Ehlers

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As I peruse the social spaces I love to highlight stylists who are really capitalizing by using social media to grow their personal brands….and Nick Shatarah is one of those stylists. From his blog that explores his editorial work, to his professional Facebook page that highlights the day-to-day life of a stylist, to his candid Instagram account (he certainly is an Evoke Brands’ #fotohefe!), he’s mastered the social branding side of the biz.

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I recently had the opportunity to chat with Nick to get his perspective on using social media to grow his brand - and wanted to share his journey with all of you. So, here we go…

Your journey has been an incredible - what’s the most exciting thing you’ve done recently? 

This is such a hard question because every week it’s something thing different! From NYFW or editorial magazine shoots it’s always something new and exciting. For me it’s the challenge of doing something different that keeps me going – and knowing someone can open up a magazine and see my work is simply the most exciting feeling I can have!

Tell us about participating in NYFW.

NYFW is always a journey in pushing myself to create fashion forward hair that doesn’t over shadow the designers, yet complements their work. Our clients in the salon depend on us to keep them in the loop in what’s new in fashion – what better way than to experience it first hand at fashion week, right?

I love the editorial work you’ve been doing. Tell me how you’re promoting your personal brand through social.

As much as I am in the salon, I am an artist outside the salon. Branding myself as an editorial stylist was – and continues to be very important to me. I started with my own website, logo and business cards for my session work. To me that was saying I am more then the guy who works behind the chair – I’m also an artist who can achieve styling on the editorial side. I also started leveraging many different social media outlets from Facebook and Tumblr to, YouTube and Twitter. There’s no doubt that social media had helped take my personal brand to the next level.

How do you keep your social media content hip, current and relevant? 

I think between fashion week and young Hollywood it’s easy to always stay current. Social is all about tapping in to the younger clientele for me and knowing what they want their hair, or style to represent. When I blog or create a new YouTube video, I always try to put myself in their shoes …What to THEY want to see on my social channels? How can I make styling their look easy for them? This alone has helped me become a stronger stylist in many aspects of my craft.

Tell us how you balance your privacy and professionalism yet, still connect with your fans and clients on social networks.

I love this question because I don’t separate the two. For example, my Instagram is my everyday social life, including a behind the scenes look at a photo shoot or pictures of my personal life. I think that by combining the two I am showing people or clients that I am humble and free to share the candid, personal side of my style. This strategy has really worked for me, as I’ve been able to connect with more fans by being candid and transparent….after all, that’s what social media is all about, right?

How has social media helped you score new business – or editorial opps?

I am not connected to a manufacturer, so I don’t think I would had made as much as a dent in the hair world without social media. I am always getting emails through my social networking site for editorial gigs, for example. By having these social outlets, I have been able to grow and network on a much different level.

What are your top 5 Instagram accounts to follow:

Phyto Hair Care , I Love the product line and I always have it on set.

Orlando Pita , His work is just fantastic!

RedDollbyTM, - Fantastic clothing designer I have worked with before.

T3micro/Amika – (Ok, I’m cheating I put those too together.) I love their styling tools.

HeyHeyGorgeous – A perfect resource for up-to-date fashion trends!

So there you have it! How do you build your personal brand online? You be yourself! Remember the three step process to personal branding: emotional + technical + promotional – it’s our Evoke Brands social media mantra and success formula.

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