#Hashtag Etiquette

August 16, 2016

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Welcome to the age of the #hashtag.

#Hashtags can play an integral role for brands connecting with audiences. In the midst of the 2014 World Cup, marketers have even moved some traditional TV ad dollars to #hashtag campaigns.

These simple, much less expensive campaigns are proving just as valuable as spending vast amounts of time and money on a 30-second spot. Because of the power of the hashtag!

But hold on, take one step back, it’s important to know and understand the correct use of a hashtag for your business, otherwise things can get #outofcontrol! Here are a few simple #hashtag faux pas to avoid.

1. #Runaway #Hashtags. We all lose interest FAST. Stick to one to three #hashtags to ensure participation.Stay relevant to your topic and choose #hashtags that relate to major themes or purposes.

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2. Broken #hashtags. #Hashtagging every other word confuses the reader – your tweet no longer runs smoothly. Place #hashtags strategically so that they don’t interrupt the flow of the post.

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3. Speaking #hashtag lingo. As funny as they are…no one can be as cool as JT or Jimmy. Don’t speak in #hashtags. You’ll risk credibility with your clients.

 4. Run-on #Hashtags. Keep your #Hashtags short. They should not be more than three words; otherwise they will become messy and difficult to read.

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5. Asking for it - #hashtag style. Quality is better than quantity.

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Final Note: Annoyed by the constant #hashtagging of the word #hashtag? Exactly. That’s what it feels like to follow a brand that hasn’t used thoughtful strategy to engage with their followers. Know the do NOT’s of #hashtagging, so that you can focus on the do’s. Engage, connect, and link – before you become guilty of #hashtag #harassment.