Up-And-Coming Stylist, Kathryn Hornick Takes Her Brand Social

August 16, 2016

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Meet Kathryn Hornick. She’s a young stylist – and a creative force to be reckoned with. With a little over a year in the industry under her belt (unbelievable, right!), there’s no doubt she’s well on her way to navigating the complicated waters of social media to grow her personal brand.

You may recognize Kathryn as one of the Procter & Gamble Salon Professional “Team I.C.A.N”members who won the RAW competition last year, and since then, she’s been using her social prowess to take her career up a notch. Here’s a look at  her social persona and why Kathryn believes social media education should be taught at every level of the game.

Looking back on the last year, tell us what it has been like.

This past year has felt like a dream. It has been a lot of work, and I have learned so much. Every time I think back to what has happened, I am tremendously grateful. Having only been in the industry for a little over a year and being surrounded by so many different people has broadened my horizons as to what you really can learn and achieve; the possibilities are endless.

You were part of the winning “Team I.C.A.N.,” P&G Salon Professional’s RAW Team at one of the nation’s biggest show competitions. Where do you find your inspiration to continuing excelling as a young stylist?

I find a lot of my inspiration through music, whether it’s the underlying bass or emotion the song brings out - everything is possessed through movement. I also love the ever-changing world of fashion. As you know, looks are constantly changing but ever so slightly from season to season. Fashion portrays many different textures, patterns, colors and shapes that I find inspiring. And finally, nature, much like fashion, it constantly changing (especially here in Minnesota!) so I’m able to take those seasonal palette and draw from those. I always carry my ‘Inspiration Book’ with me so I can be ready to sketch my next look at a moment’s notice.

One thing that I love about young artists is their creativity and flexibility because it transfers so well into a successful online presence. What social media tools do you use to promote yourself as an artist as well as your salon?

I tend to use Facebook as my go-to tool.I also feel like Instagram is the easiest and fastest way to put out new work with a simple image and the right hashtags. It’s great for following your “hair idols” and seeing what they are up to. These tools allow you to source daily inspiration.

I love following your Pinterest boards, by the way, how do you keep your social media content hip, current and relevant?

Thank you! I am a bit obsessed with Pinterest. On the platform, my bio reads that I am (of course) a hairstylist, but also a fashion entrepreneur. I feel it’s so important to stay up to date with fashion trends that are happening all over the globe – and social media is the perfect way to do so. I enjoy browsing other boards and love finding DIY blogs that associate with someone’s personal style. It gives you a well-rounded look at what’s hot.

Do you think social media should be a skill taught during beauty school?

Definitely. I think social media should be taught in beauty school, if not before! In today’s connected world, we all turn to Facebook or Instagram to see what brands or other artists are up to. We should be teaching the basics of how to get started building your professional brand on social media. I believe it’s something that students should be aware of both during school and after beauty school. It’s a great way to showcase what they have done (by building a portfolio) and document how far they have come with their skill sets. It’s also a great tool when looking for employment.

Do you believe social media will play a big role in your continued success?

I believe so! Social media is the quickest way to showcase your work and events to mass quantities of people. It is all about growing in this industry. Growing your professional brand – and your skill set.

And, finally – what is your advice to other up-and-coming stylists?

Take criticism with an open mind, then learn from it….don’t fight it. Participate in every competition you can, find a mentor that will push you and at the same time teach you the ropes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because after all, we don’t know everything…just yet!

Another great interview with a young, up-and-coming stylist! Shout out to Kathryn for her amazing talents and how she’s been able to grow her professional brand in very short timeframe! 

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