Manage, Moderate or Create - Facebook Rolls Out New Admin Functionality

August 15, 2016 | By Kelly Ehlers

 Photo Credit: @rolltst

 Photo Credit: @rolltst

Facebook is growing like your bangs in the summer. A few weeks ago, they introduced a new feature for brand pages that allows salon owners a new category of control over their Facebook pages. The Admin Role function now allows you to add managers, content creators, moderators, advertisers and insight analyst to your salon’s Facebook page.

So What?

The beauty of this function is that you can now get your entire team to contribute content to your Facebook and make it come alive. Making your social media a team effort saves time and increases your impact by allowing your stylists to highlight their work and post content that is important to their clients.  Now you can give your stylists access to contribute to your page without worrying about security concerns.

Here are the (new!) different admin functionalities that will help you spread the love and responsibility around your salon when it comes to content contributors on Facebook:

Managers: This is for the salon owners (or whoever is the designated social media guru). Manager allows them to change who is an admin, send messages/create posts AS the page, create FB ads and view the page insights.

Content Creator: This is when your team can come in! Content Creators can edit the page, send messages, create ads, and view insights. Encourage your stylists to capture fabulous styles from clients and promote it on your page directly from their mobile devices.

Moderator: The moderator can respond to and delete comments on the page, send messages as the page, view insights and create ads. This is a great resource if you have a salon manager or a receptionist who has computer access during the day. They may not be the creative talent like your stylists, but they can monitor comments and messages by fans to maintain a positive presence on your page. It also limits the ability to harm your social media presence in case they have not been trained in online etiquette.

Advertiser: The advertiser role can create ads and view insights.

Insight Analyst: The insight analyst role can simply view insights. This is a great function if your salon has a business partner or investor who is curious about the analytics behind your Facebook page but does not need access to edit the page.

Overall this new feature is perfect for enhancing the social media presence in the salon, and allows the salon owner much more control to be sure that their content fits the goals of the salon’s image.

Another standing ovation for a well thought out innovation, kudos Facebook!

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