Brenton Lee, Award-Winning Stylist on Why You Can’t Ignore Social Media

August 15, 2016 | By Kelly Ehlers


Do you know Brenton Lee? Well you should. He’s an up-and-coming, award-winning stylist that’s acing the social media scene. Lee started cutting hair at 14 and enrolled in beauty school at 16 years of age and today, at 23, opened his own salon in Pasadena, CA.

One of things that we LOVE about Lee is his “online voice.”  Three time Wella Trend Vision finalist and part of the winning RAW Team P&G Professional, Lee is as much of an entrepreneur behind the chair, and as he is a business owner. He understands the importance of social media and has embraced technology to help drive both his personal brand – and salon brand.

His social style is casual and professional, he is the capital K—King of Instagram and no doubt is ahead of the game integrating his salon and the online world. Here’s a look why he’s convinced stylists can’t ignore social media:

Your journey has been an incredible one - you seem destined for greatness! Looking back on the last couple years can you even begin to describe what it has been like?

Wow, these last few years have been a truly amazing journey. It has been exciting, stressful, but most importantly rewarding. I’m so happy to have many amazing people put in my life that keep me inspired. I love what I do, I try to stay positive work hard and continue to let blessings come.

You’ve recently opened a salon AND were part of the winning RAW Team P&G Salon Professional team at one of the nation’s biggest show competitions, where do you get your inspiration/motivation?

My biggest motivation is the opportunity to make a difference. I want to make a difference to all who are around me. My clients and staff at my salon. I want to be the best I can at what I do and I want to help other hairdressers who want to be the best at what they do.

Starting your own business can be a stressful time. What do you do to promote your salon?

To promote I have to say I’ve tried a little of everything. From stickers, flyers, newspaper, social media, email blast, yelp, business cards, events etc. Our main way to promote has been through word of mouth from our existing clients and on social media.

One thing that I love about young artists is their creativity and flexibility because it transfers so well into online presence. What social media tools do you use to promote yourself as an artist as well as your salon?

Oh man, so many it’s hard to keep up with them. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and working on a blog page.

How do you keep your social media content hip, current and relevant?

I try to keep in mind things that our clients and followers would be interested in knowing about us. Promotions, interesting pictures, tips, quotes, and things that followers would have in common with us.

Brenton Lee 2.0.jpg

What is your goal with your social media activity? How do you integrate that goal into the salon experience? Do you involve your stylists?

My goal with social media is to keep it constantly updated with relevant information. It’s a lot to keep up with so I try to focus on a couple and master them. In the salon I allow stylists to be admins on our salon social media accounts, and I try to stress to them how important social media is.

Is it important when hiring new stylists/team members that they understand and know how to utilize social media?

It is very important. I think that any business needs to understand and utilize social media, especially new stylists! 91% of American adults who are online use social media. THAT’S breathtaking!

Do you think social media should be a skill taught during/throughout beauty school today?

Yes, learning social media is very useful. Every hairdresser needs clients and social media training to attract customers. Learning social media in beauty school is a smart business class for beauty school students – one I’d recommend.

What is your advice to up and coming artists? How do you think tomorrow’s stylists will use social media to enhance the industry?

My advice to upcoming artists would be to stay educated. Not only with the latest techniques in hairdressing and trends, but as a good friend of mine, Fabio Sementilli, once said “Follow the latest business trends.” As hairdressers we are creating our own brand, and if you have any interest in furthering your brand you cannot ignore social media. Social media will for sure enhance the industry if we continue to use it in a positive way—to grow our businesses.

Do you believe social media will play a big role in the growth of the Brenton Lee Salon?

Yes! Over half of social networkers (about 56%) say that they are more likely to recommend a brand as a fan. So if we reach out and create fans, the will promote!!

Brenton Lee 3.0.JPG

LOVE the pics by the way. When you post your pictures to Facebook and Twitter how do you balance your privacy and professionalism at the same time as you connect with your fans and clients?

I try to keep everything work related that I post. But I know fans and clients also want to know who you are as a person, to get to know you. When I post personal info I try to keep it as professional as possible. Most of my posting will be about hair, but I also want to let people know who Brenton Lee is.

Is there was one technology/social media app that you could never give up?

Lately I would have to say I cannot give up Instagram. It’s making my job easier since I can post a picture and with one click send it to Facebook and Twitter at the same time! Knocking out 3 birds with one stone!

Wow, that’s food for thought. A lot of times I hear salon owners questioning how a social media presence translates into real world clients. At his salon, Lee uses social media as his number one promotional tool. There is theory, and then there is practice. Brenton Lee’s salon case study shows that if you practice what we preach there will be results.

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