New Facebook Ad Policy Prioritizes Transparency and Consumer Knowledge

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Facebook is getting back to its user-oriented roots with new advertising policies that put consumers first. While previous Community Standards and ad policies helped regulate e-commerce interactions that happened directly on Facebook, the platform is now concerned with what happens beyond the site.

After redirecting to brands’ direct channels, consumers ran into misrepresented products, shipping times and customer support experiences –– all issues brands experience when they forget to consider community building. Making this a priority further distinguishes well-managed digital communities and attentive brand voices, helping ensure visibility for brands with the highest standards.

To target customer concerns, Facebook is offering a new system that flags pages with high volumes of negative feedback. The page then enters a probationary period that decreases its ad delivery until the issues are remedy and reflected in more positive feedback.

We’re glad to see Facebook taking on misleading ads and putting consumers first. This update highlights three main agreements between the platform and Ideas That Evoke on the right ways to enhance customer experience.

Realistic Goal Setting

At Evoke, we’re all about dreaming big. Still, we keep ourselves grounded when considering a company’s short-term capabilities. One way our team does this is encouraging clients to develop attainable goals that still push boundaries. Doing so perfectly balances realistic scope with the innovation it takes to set our clients apart in their industries.


Our team also works hard to ensure that our clients are clear with consumers on performance and brand expectation, including shipping times and customer service. We don’t sell products with sensational or false claims. We focus on genuinely exceptional features and believe wholeheartedly that these will show themselves when the customer makes their purchase.

Clear Communication

Finally, the area where we agree most is the necessity of quick and genuine communication. If our clients encounter a change along the way –– such as a delayed shipment or discrepancy in stock –– we keep it real. By communicating in real-time via DMs and comments, our team doesn’t just know the products –– we know the consumers. Fostering these connection leads to quality assurance and feedback, while also showing consumers that they’re heard.

Users wanting to comment on their experiences can simply visit the Ads Activity tab to give feedback on recently visited ads. We hope this feature makes it easier for consumers to speak their minds, as well as businesses to know their customers’ exact priorities. Getting back to these basics can develop a smoother, more efficient e-commerce experience for everyone.









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