In the age of social media, it’s helpful to know who’s going where. For Generation Z -- those born in 1996 or later -- a life before these networking applications is hardly but a fuzzy memory, if one at all.

And though these platforms are always at the ready in the palms of their hands (literally), teens are selective about which applications they choose to spend their time using. Of the numerous social media websites, there’s one in particular that they prefer over all others. Hint: It starts with an “I” and ends with an “m.”
Yep -- 85 percent of Gen Z report logging on to the ‘Gram at least once a month, reports CNBC, based on Piper Jaffray’s poll of about 8,600 teens in the United States. Snapchat clocks in at 84 percent. It’s a tight race.

And get this: Teens actually prefer that brands interact with them via the platform. In other words, those ads you’re promoting in their feed aren’t seen as spammy, so long as they’re relevant.

"Instagram continues to show dominance in selling,” Jaffray said of the finding.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s not doing so hot among this demographic. According to the same survey, which was released this fall, a mere 28 percent of adolescents age 15 used Facebook this season.

When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is the no. 1 favored website of this group, with Nike clocking in second at 5 percent. Additionally, many teens are using Amazon Prime.

From a business perspective, the insights are highly revealing -- and advantageous, if you play your marketing cards correctly. May the stats be ever in your favor!

Monica Hickey